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NAV 2013 Benchmarking results

Yesterday Vjekoslav Babić published a new blog post where he shows the results of his benchmark-tests with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and 2013 Beta.

It's pretty amazing how much faster the current beta-version already runs even compared to the native databases.

But you should have a look for yourself:


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Did you know: Go to Defintion

Lately I got some really surprised developers, when I showed them or told them to us "Go to Definition".

It seems like this not so new feature is still not known to the nav development group.

If you know have a puzzled look, you may allow me to show you what there is.

Don't Know

Go to the customer table (18) and look into the contact-on validate trigger.

Here you find a line UpdateContFromCust.InserNewContactPerson(...

When you do a left-click onto the function name InsertNewContactPerson the context-menu shows Go to Definition.

When clicking on this Codeunit CustCont-Update (5056) is opened and shows the selected function.


Have fun trying it.


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Quick View at NAV 2013 #4: Unlimited Texts

As an addition to the previous post today, I would like to share another interesting information with you.

Starting with NAV2013 it is possible to leave the Length-field of a text-variable empty. This enables you to fill in as many characters as you wish.

My thanks go to Navigateintosuccess-blog for sharing this information.


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Quick View at NAV 2013 #3: Limit of code line length increased

With NAV 2013 BETA the maximum length of a coding line was increased to 248 characters.

This is really great news, especially if you have functions with a long parameter-list or tables with lot of fields inside a key.

Mouth Watering

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Quick view at NAV 2013 #2: Toggle everywhere

Yesterday I showed you the toggle for functions during development.

But this is not the only place for toggles in NAV Development Enviroment.

Toggles can also be found:

  • in the page designer

  • in the report designer

  • and last but not least in the new query designer

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