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NAV2009: Creating new ServiceTier

There is just one question when you want to create a new ServiceTier for NAV 2009:

How exactly was the command again?

This is what you have into Command line to create a new service:

After adding the service, you can change the login-account using the local services window.

The Service can be removed again using this command:


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NAV2013: How to convert a NAV2009 Database

Last week Rene Gayer posted how to technically convert a NAV 2009 database to NAV 2013.

Since this is a topic I already worked on, I asked him about a german translation for his post. He decided that his post is interessting for all NAV Developers and wrote it only in english.

For english people: http://www.dynamics-community.at/post/2012/09/06/NAV2013-How-to-convert-a-NAV-2009-Database-to-NAV-2013.aspx

I will post a german version of this how-to in my blog.

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