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Commandline completition

Yesterday I had one of this moments where a small click changes the world of the person next to you. And at the first moment, you don't know why.

So what happend? While working in the commandline, full directory-paths appeared on the screen, without having been typed in by me. Some of you might say: "That's normal, it always was with windows command-line, this is not MS-DOS. "

For those who don't know the feature I am talking about, I will give a short explanation: In command-line (and Powershell) it is possible to use the <TAB>-Key to complete the currently written folder-path or file-name. If there are more the one possible completition available the first one will be used. If you know press <TAB> a second time, it will change the completition to the next one.

Hopefully this will help some of you out there 😉


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