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Drive sharing while RDP-jumping

Today I learned something new, which I would like to share with you:

It could happen, that caused by network-structure and security-rules you are forced to remote-connect to a server just to open a remote-connection to another machine from this server.

Or in Short: You sit in front of your PC and remote-connect to Server A. From Server A you open a remote-connection to Server B.

When you share your drives during remote-connection, you local drives (from PC) are available at Server A, and the drives of Server A are available on Server B. But your local drives (from PC) are not available on Server B.

There is some easy way to get direct access to your local drives from Server B. You can map the PC-drives on Server A as network-drives. You only have to use this networkpath (i.e. for drive c):



You have other interessting tricks for RDP-Connections? Just use the comment-function to let us know.

Well Done

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